Flat-rolled steel is our business,

Perfecting the supply chain

is our mission

Kenwal Steel has grown to be one of North America’s largest full-service, flat rolled steel service center companies by building capabilities and services that cater to markets where exacting standards and precision processing are the norm, including automotive, electronics, appliance, tubing and other major equipment manufacturers across North America.

READ MORE Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, Kenwal has service center locations in Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee and Ontario, and operates Kenwal Pickling in Dearborn, Michigan. We’ve invested in the industry’s most sophisticated processing equipment, as well as teams of specialists, an advanced A2LA certified lab and cutting edge software to make sure that our business runs like clockwork, so yours can too.  Read more
READ MORE At Kenwal, we’ve built our business, processes and services around perfecting your reliability and precision. From our strong network of service center locations to our state-of-the-art equipment to our highly trained team of professionals, Kenwal is built to meet the most exacting specifications and schedules of our customers. Read more

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