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Advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) has gained significant popularity over the past few years due to its excellent mechanical properties and lightweight nature. As the demand for high-performance materials grows, AHSS has become increasingly prevalent across various industries worldwide. This blog by Kenwal explores the industries and applications currently using advanced high-strength steel, providing insights into its unique properties and potential for future advancements in modern manufacturing.


Advanced high-strength steel types


Advanced high-strength steels typically have yield strengths of 550 megapascal pressure units (MPa) or greater. Engineers took advantage of the distinct chemical compositions and multiphase microstructures of specific steels in the first and second generations of these metals to suit the performance requirements of automobile components.

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    Martensitic steels


    Martensitic steels have a microstructure with more carbon than regular steels, which increases the strength and hardness of the material without adding to the weight of the component. Martensitic steels are a considerable choice since they resist permanent deformation for bolstering safety cages or automobile passenger compartments.


    Transformation-induced plasticity (TRIP) steels


    High malleability is a property of transformation-induced plasticity (TRIP) steels, which offers TRIP steel parts a high endurance capacity. Both provide substantial energy absorption, making them excellent choices for crumple zones.


    Dual phase (DP) steels


    As one of the most widely used modern high-strength steels, dual phase steel is highly flexible and fracture-resistant, making it a good choice for vehicular structures.

     The third generation of advanced high-strength steels intended to deliver improved combinations of strength and elasticity, frequently at much-reduced costs, is the result of new research and advances in recent years. A minimum strength of 1200 MPa and an elasticity of 30% elongation are desired properties for third-generation high-strength steels, which improved over earlier steel generations. However, the industry is still working toward a standardized definition of these materials.


    Industries that use advanced high-strength steel

    1. Automotive industry

    One of the primary industries that use AHSS is the automotive industry. With the demand for lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles, AHSS has become essential in car production. It offers higher strength while being lighter in weight, thus helping to meet the industry’s needs.

    Advanced high-strength steel in the automotive sector enables automakers and engineers to ensure a vehicle’s safety, effectiveness, manufacturability, durability, and quality at a highly reduced cost. Additionally, AHSS has enhanced crash performance characteristics, making it an excellent material for producing car frames and other essential components like door beams, bumpers, and seat frames.

    2. Construction industry

    The construction industry harnesses the exceptional strength of advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) to meet the demands of structures requiring substantial load-bearing capacities, such as bridges and buildings. Additionally, AHSS’s enhanced flexibility plays a pivotal role in preventing brittle failures, bolstering its reliability within the construction sector.

    3. Marine industry

    Due to its exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion, advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) is frequently used in the marine industry for shipbuilding and other applications. In the maritime sector, AHSS not only ensures the structural integrity of vessels but also provides a durable and robust solution to withstand the harsh marine environment.

    4. Aerospace industry

    The aerospace industry is also making use of AHSS. It is ideal for producing aircraft components such as landing gear, engine mounts, and wing supports. AHSS offers the necessary strength required for these applications while maintaining its lightweight.


    The rising need for renewable energy


    Advanced high-strength steel offers superior strength and durability and is also an environmentally friendly option due to its reduced carbon footprint during production. Compared to conventional steel, AHSS has a reduced life cycle impact and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 5%. Additionally, it is increasingly used in producing electric vehicles over aluminum due to its strength and cost-effectiveness, making it a popular choice for sustainable transportation.

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    The growing popularity of renewable energy sources like wind and solar electricity drives the need for AHSS. AHSS is the perfect material for many applications due to its strength and toughness.


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